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Coppa GT Overview

 The Coppa GT is the highest award an individual can receive in the FCA at an annual meet and is awarded to only three individuals during an annual meeting.  It requires the completion of three major functions in this sequence:

  1. Your car must compete in the Concours d'Elegance and attain a FCA Platino Award™
  2. Successfull Coppa Bella Machina award requiring a 100% functionality evaluation
  3. Demonstrate competent driver skills on the track with a qualified evaluator



 Evaluation of driver skills on the track

  • Considering the car’s capabilities
  • Lap times should be consistent with the car’s capabilities


 Review the Concours, Coppa Bella Macchina, Coppa GT, Futuro Classico Presentation (rev. 4/1/2017)

Review the Concours Competition Sequence Diagram (rev. 1/2011 

Download Coppa GT Rules and Scoresheet (rev. Jan. 2011)  

  1. 95 points or better in Concours (Platino)
  2. Successfully earned a Coppa Bella Machina award 

Evaluation: by local track evaluators familiar with FCA objectives

  • Safety equipment
  • Attitude and preparedness
  • Knowledge and awareness
  • Skills when approaching the limit
  • Progress
  • Dealing with the unexpected
  • Skill in driving the car
  • Comply with all local track / safety rules


  • Drive your car on the street – gain experience
  • Get track instruction and experience – preferably at CGT track

Historical problems

  • General lack of familiarity with car (acceleration, braking, placement on track)
  • Smoothly shifting car
  • Passing under yellow
  • Competently do “heel and toe” – where applicable
  • Unfamiliar with track
  • Unfamiliar with car’s capabilities, tentative

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