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Ed Gilbertson Award Criteria (Revised Feb 3 2015)

8.1. Ferraris are Meant to be Driven Award

8.1.1. In recognition of over 20 years as Chief Judge of the Ferrari Club of America, the Pacific Region has established the “Ed Gilbertson – Ferrari’s are Meant To Be Driven Award” as a perpetual award to recognize those active club members who regularly drive their Ferraris. The Award honors Ed and his philosophy that "Ferraris are meant to be driven."

8.1.2. Reasons why a car and owner might be nominated may include:

  • A racecar that was campaigned for years and is still driven in vintage racing
  • A car driven a great distance to the FCA Annual Meet
  • A car that is regularly and well driven at club events
  • A daily driver

8.1.3. The winning candidate will be selected, and the award presented, during the current year’s FCA Annual Meet.

8.1.4. The award recipient will receive an award to keep. Also, their name, car model, and car serial number will be engraved onto a plaque which will be attached to the “Ferraris are Meant to be Driven” perpetual award.

8.1.5. Criteria for a candidate: The candidate must be an active FCA member who regularly demonstrates the spirit of the Club and the car. The candidate’s Ferrari must be well and regularly driven, and used at club, track, Concours, and/or “Ride and Drive” type events. The car and nominee must participate and earn at least 85 points in the FCA Annual Meet Concours for the current year or one of the three previous years.” Nominees must be sponsored by their Regional Director; the idea being that the Director will know which members are truly active, how they drive their cars, and therefore which of their members are worthy of this major award. A member may present themselves to their Regional Director. This award may only be received once per member

8.1.6 The process for selection is as follows: Each region's Director may nominate up to two members, by sending a written nomination letter to the current FCA Chief Concours Judge, FCA-PR
Regional Director, and/or Pacific Region Director of Concours. The deadline for nominations is the same as that of the FCA Annual Meet Concours. A committee will select the most eligible candidates and rate them in order. That committee shall consist of the FCA Chief Concours Judge, the Pacific Region Director of Concours, the FCA-PR Regional Director, and others as recruited by the committee. A member of Pacific Region, and/or the FCA Chief Concours Judge, will present the award to the winner during the FCA Annual Meet. If the committee is unable to select a suitable candidate, the award will not be presented.