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2005 Award Winner Kevin Enderby

Kevin receiving the surprising first Ed Gilbertson Award given at the 2005 International meet in Indianapolis for his 1984 308 GTS s/n 50301

As the award was approved by the national board of the Ferrari Club of America and to be announced at the 2005 meet but not awarded for the first time until 2006. The Pacific Region’s Director of Concours, Tish Thinesen, worked the the board of the region to sponsor the award and approve the Kevin as the first winner. Harold Wong past President and Regional director of Pacific Region donated the painting of the 166 and added the plaques to make up the first Ferrari’s are Meant To Be Driven Ed Gilbertson award. Today bronze 166 trophies are used for the Ed Gilbertson awards. And a bronze bust of Ed Gilbertson tops the perpetual award.

Kevin tracked his 308 seven years when he first got it. He can be seen below driving on his favorite track in California at Laguna Seca in Monterey in 2006 on a day when he brought all three of his Ferraris to the track. Including his 18 day old F430 for its first time to the track. Forza Magazine did a cover story article on that day you can read here.

At the 2005 meet Kevin’s 308 received a platinum award and had only 148,000 miles. Today it has over 170,000. At the prior 2004 meet it also received a Coppa Bella Macchina award as well as the Best Contemporary Ferrari award and competed for the Coppa GT award. Also at the 2005 meet Kevin’s F355 received a platinum award, a Coppa Bella Macchina award and he competed once again for the Coppa GT award but that time with his F355. Kevin did not even plan on his 308 going to Indy, but when fellow member Jody Stewart’s 308 was not ready for the trip he loaned his 308 to her. Turned out to be quite an adventure, including replacing the water pump in Indy the night the national meet started. You can read Jody’s article here.

Kevin has been a member of the Pacific Region since 1990 and mostly only a track hound for many years. He got more and more involved over the years and ran the grid at the 2004 national meet. In 2005 he was on the board of the region for the first time. And in 2005 pulled of a feat never done in the Pacific Region by attending all 40 plus events in that year. Including two on the same day using both cars, and a back to back pair of events 200 miles apart.

Kevin is currently the Track Director of the Pacific Region of the Ferrari Club of America. And is seen below in his 2006 F430 currently clocking in at 37,000 miles on the odometer.

The images from this page are from the Pacific Region of the Ferrari Club of America