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Preservation Class Judging

The purpose of the preservation classes is to encourage the preservation of automobiles in as close to the original condition as possible. There are many very original automobiles that were in perfectly good order but have been restored to make the car “as new”. Unfortunately, when the car is restored, no matter how faithfully and carefully, something of the originality is lost in the process. The objective in preservation judging is to identify those cars which come closest to the way they looked and functioned when new but have not been restored. Cars are original only once and begin to deteriorate once they leave the factory. When possible, it is desired that cars not undergo complete restorations and only receive such maintenance and preservation as is necessary.

All Ferraris that are greater than thirty years old may be considered for judging. There are two classes based upon age and the best of each will receive recognition. The primary objective of the judges as they evaluate the cars is to answer the question, “Does the item, part, fabric, plating, or coating appear to be that which was specifically installed or applied on this car at the time of manufacture?”

All cars achieving the 97 points or more will receive a Preservation Platino.

Review the Ferrari Preservation Class Standards and Awards (rev. 2/2/2015)

Download the National Preservation Award Judging Sheets (rev. 7/14/2013)

Download The IAC/PFA Preservation Class Guidance (rev. 12/2015)