11/06/19 - The FCA 2019 Annual Experience in Scottsdale, Arizona  >> More


05/01/19 - Track Event at Watkins Glen International Raceway.  >> More


03/11/19 - FCA/SE Region Track Event at VIR, Alton, VA  >> More

04/20/19 - Virginia Historic Tour 2019, Charles City, VA  >> More


05/20/19 - The Pennsylvania Ferrari Concours d'Elegance  >> More


03/02/19 - Willow Springs track evert  >> More

04/14/19 - 12th Annual Concorso Ferrari 2019  >> More

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11/16/17 - Ferrari 312B Movie Launches November 17, 2017 Worldwide  >> More

04/13/17 - FCA 2018¬†International Meet Announced for September 15-20. 2018 in Watkins Glen, NY  >> More

03/20/17 - 2017¬†FCA Formula1 Game Registration Open  >> More

12/05/16 - FCA F1 Fantasy Game 2016 Finishers  >> More

12/01/16 - 2016 Finali Mondiali - Ferrari Challenge World Finals at Daytona International Speedway  >> More

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As-Built Configurations

This page is dedicated to our our preservation efforts in docuementing Ferrari model histories. Numerous individuals have assisted in solidifying these materials to the best of our ability. We are providing these materials to help provide a guide to these unique automobilies.

Additionally, we are asking for your assistance in providing additional information and clarity to these documents. They are a work in progress an are ever evolving. Please feel free to help us in any way you can. You can contact the individuals listed below.

FERRARI 330 GTC/GTS As-Built Configuration and Judging Notes Manual

A Guide As To How 330 GTC/GTS Cars Were Originally Built For Ferrari Restorers, Concours Judges, and Car Owners 

330 GTC/GTS As-Built Configuration and Judging Notes Manual 

Version 6.0 Click here to download 

Send comments, questions, additions, or corrections to:
Clete Gardenhour
330 GTC/GTS Manual Editor

Ferrari Exhaust Systems 1960’s

Ferrari Exhaust Systems 1960’s

Presented to IAC/PFA by David Carte
25 January 2018 - Click here to download