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Concours Documents

The IAC/PFA (International Advisory Council for the Preservation of Ferrari Automobiles) is an independent world-wide organization based in the United States that is comprised of 20 esteemed Ferrari enthusiasts, researchers & authors who maintain the standards for the preservation of the Ferrari automobile. The emphasis on on maintaining originality and authenticity of Ferraris for IAC/PFA judged events such as the Ferrari Club of America Annual Meeting, Regional and Chapter FCA judged events,  Cavallino Classic, and more.

This site contains the judging forms and rules for IAC/PFA judging which may be used by anyone interested in objective judging of Ferraris at concours events.  It also hosts additional information as it becomes available. The Council thanks the FCA for helping to make the information available.

Judging Guidelines and Procedures - attachments below

Judging Guidelines 

Judging sheet - Engine 3 person 

Judging sheet - Interior 3 person 

Judging sheet - Exterior 3 person 

Engine max deductions 

Interior max deductions 

Engine max deduction 

IAC/PFA Judging Protocol 

Ethics Statement 

Preparations for Judging - attachments below

Judging Newer Ferraris (Eichenbaum) 

Judging Older Ferraris (Leyden) 

Directions for Use of Maximum Deductions 

CCJ Responsibilities 

Letter to New CCJs 

Fourth Annual Seminar for Judges 

Additional Information - attachments below

Guidelines for Entrants 

Preservation Class Philosophy 

Seminar for Judges 2018 

Documenting Your Newer Ferrari 

Letter to Newer Car Owners 

As-Built Configurations

For the 330 GTC 

Coachbuilders and Body Badges 

Ferrari Exhaust Systems 1960s