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FCA Joins The International Council Of Ferrari Clubs

On March 7, 2010 the Board of Directors of the Ferrari Club of America voted to accept an invitation from Ferrari S.p.A. to join their International Council of Ferrari Clubs. The agreement signed at the FCA annual board meeting caps a multi-year negotiation which will see the FCA enjoy a closer relationship with the factory, its North American organization, and other major Ferrari Owners Clubs around the world.

This agreement marks a milestone in the Club's 48 year history. Highlights of the agreement include FCA's gradual adoption of a North American version of Ferrari's World Club logo to eventually replace our traditional logo.

The potential benefits to the Club are enormous. We will have a much closer and more supportive relationship with the Factory and with Ferrari North America. You have already seen 10% off all parts and service at all dealers in North America as part of our brand new Bucks Back program. In addition to support at our Annual Meet, FCA members will enjoy greater access to factory activities, improved ability to interact with Ferrari owners in other countries and, we believe, the benefit of greater dealer support to local Club activities. The FCA, Ferrari North America and the Factory are now a cohesive team; mutually supportive and with the potential to bring each other benefits we have never been able to achieve in the past.