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FCA Concours Events

A wide variety of Concours events are held locally by FCA Regions and Chapters throughout the year. These can range in size and complexity from an informal “show and shine” gathering, through a “top down” or popular choice contest, to a fully judged Concours d’Elegance.

FCA Annual Meet International Concours d’Elegance

The Ferrari Club of America’s International North American Field and Driving Concours, held annually in conjunction with its Annual Meet, is recognized asone of the most important annual gatherings in the world for the display and evaluation of Ferrari automobiles.

Review the Concours, Coppa Bella Macchina, Coppa GT, Futuro Classico Presentation (rev. 4/1/2017) 

Ferraris are arranged in classes by age and type with recognition awarded on the basis of originality, authenticity and condition of the vehicle. All judging is conducted in accordance with IAC/PFA standards. Any Ferrari that is more than 5 years old at the time of judging is eligible to enter for class awards. Newer cars can enter in the Futuro Classico.

Futuro Classico

The Futuro Classico is open to all Ferraris that are less than five years old on the date of the evaluation. A maximum of 10 newer cars are accepted for evaluation each year.  The purpose of this evaluation is to encourage owners to preserve their cars in the original state, document the as-delivered condition of these cars, and develop a reference database for when the cars are eligible for concours judging in the future. Read more about Futuro Classico 

Download Futuro Classico Evaluation Guidelines

Ed Gilbertson “Ferraris are Meant to be Driven!” Award

In recognition of over 25 years as Chief Concours Judge of the Ferrari Club of America, the Pacific Region has established the “Ed Gilbertson – Ferrari’s are Meant To Be Driven Award” as a perpetual award to recognize those active club members who regularly drive their cars. The Award honors Ed and his philosophy that "Ferraris are Meant to be Driven!”.

Read more about the Ed Gilbertson Award

Previous winners of the Ed Gilbertson Award

Advanced Car and Driver Awards

In addition to the class awards given in the main Concours d’Elegance event, FCA has established two special categories of merit that are awarded at each Annual Meet to the Ferraris and their drivers who can meet additional levels of distinction.

The FCA National Classic Preservation Award

The purpose of the preservation classes is to encourage the preservation of automobiles in as close to the original condition as possible.   There are many very original automobiles that were in perfectly good order but have been restored to make the car “as new”.  Unfortunately, when the car is restored, no matter how faithfully and carefully, something of the originality is lost in the process.  The objective in preservation judging is to identify those cars which come closest to the way they looked and functioned when new but have not been restored.  Cars are original only once and begin to deteriorate once they leave the factory.   When possible, it is desired that cars not undergo complete restorations and only receive such maintenance and preservation as is necessary.

All automobiles that are greater than fifteen years old may be considered for judging.  Models that exhibit rarity or historical significance are particularly desired but these factors are not considered other than for use as a tiebreaker in close scoring situations.  Several classes based upon age will help to permit recognition of both newer and older cars.

Download The IAC/PFA Preservation Class Guidance (rev. 12/2015)

Coppa Bella Macchina

Any Ferrari that achieves a Platino award in the Concours d’Elegance (97 points or better) and has been pre-entered by its owner, is eligible for judging in the Coppa Bella Macchina. This award gives recognition for Ferraris that are in exceptionally good working order, with every component and accessory working precisely as delivered from the factory under driving conditions.

Read more about the Coppa Bella Macchina

Review the Coppa Bella Macchina Competition Rules and Test Requirements (rev. 2/2015)

Review the Concours, Coppa Bella Macchina, Coppa GT, Futuro Classico Presentation (rev. 4/1/2017)

Coppa GT

The Coppa GT is the highest award an individual can receive in the FCA at an annual meet and is awarded to only three individuals during an annual meeting.  It requires the completion of three major functions in this sequence:

  1. Your car must compete in the Concours d'Elegance and attain a FCA Platino Award™
  2. Successfull Coppa Bella Macchina award requiring a 100% functionality evaluation
  3. Demonstrate competent driver skills on the track with a qualified evaluator

Read more about the Coppa GT

Download Coppa GT Rules and Scoresheet (rev. Aug 2015)

Review the Concours, Coppa Bella Macchina, Coppa GT, Futuro Classico Presentation (rev. 4/1/2017)

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